Website Designed by Doncor.comAs pioneers in the website design industry - has been building websites longer than 95% of the web designers in the Niagara Region. Moreover, during the last recession our company's sales increased by more than 75%. So it would seem that the most educated customers have also learned a little bit about the industry and know what to look for in a website designer!)

But enough about the past, because the real question is: what can we do for you in the future? And the fact of the matter is that we have always been " preparing people today for the things of tomorrow." That's not just our company motto – it's our mission statement, our vision, our single-minded goal and it is who we are. As leaders in the industry, we've never wasted time looking at what our competitors are doing. Our focus has solely been on how we can make the Internet better for everyone, including our competitors. And, we're doing just that. According to Google, websites designed by load faster than 98% of the websites worldwide. That is no small accomplishment. But, even beyond that, we have designed the world's most intuitive Content Management System (CMS) allowing our customers and web developers alike the ability to manage and maintain professional websites faster and easier.

The Top 5 Reasons?

PieCMS by Doncor.comThere are many reasons why so many website owners have chosen as a resource for website design in the Niagara Region and surrounding areas, but here are the top five reasons.

  1. Pioneers in the industry with the most gifted website designers and coders the Niagara Region has ever seen.
  2. A recession-proof company that has even experienced growth during the hardest economic times. As we grow, so do the benefits to you and your business.
  3. A company with forward thinking strategies that have created great success for businesses across Canada – while also having a profound influence on the entire website design industry. There're currently over a dozen web designers across Ontario that have adopted our Content Management System.
  4. Creating excellent experiences for visitors with the fastest loading websites is just the tip of the iceberg, because our websites are designed for cross-browser platforms including mobile devices. We have become experts in responsive website design because we believe it increases the experience of your visitors... and know it's the way of the future. This means your clients can view your website the way they want to from any device they use.
  5. With its 19 intuitive apps, the PieCMS platform is the most intuitive content management system in the world, and it is also the world's first evolving technology platform (ETP) for supporting websites. No more confusion... if you can send an email, you can manage content on your website.

Some Recent Testimonials

  • "I am absolutely impressed with PieCMS. We have been up and running with it for a few weeks and it is the simplest and most efficient tool that I have experienced for a small business like ours to update and maintain our website. I'm looking at deploying another very soon."
    Phil Miller Pres. NIEPlus
  • "They are fast and friendly and I think the service is great. More importantly, they're keeping up with the never ending rise of technology which keeps my website running optimally."
    Renée Lucescu - Niagara Hundesport
  • "We tried everything from traditional websites with complicated content management systems to Yellow Pages websites and none of them have given us the powerful marketing advantages that we've experienced from PieCMS. Our best decision ever!"
    Steve Groen - Pics Motor Clinic