Pics Motor Clinic was using Yellow Pages prior to coming to meeting with our team. According to them, Yellow Pages was ridiculously overpriced. Yet, they could not be found through Google search results. Hundreds of dollars were wasted every month. 

We began working with Steve Groen back in 2002. Since designs trends change often, we have had the honor and privilege of redesigning their site a few times over the years. With each project, we've focused our attention toward aiming the design at the ideal personality profile inside the target market, ensuring that the experience for the visitor is maximized.

"We tried everything from traditional websites with complicated content management systems to Yellow Pages websites and none of them have given us the powerful marketing advantages that we've experienced from Our best decision ever!" - Steve Groen - Pics Motor Clinic

We intend on keeping Steve and Pics Motor Clinic happy with our products, services and our undivided attention as we move forward.

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Some Recent Testimonials

  • "When I heard that this was going to be as easy as pie, I naturally assumed they would be exaggerating a little. That is certainly not the case here. As someone who finds it difficult to navigate around a smart phone, I'm amazed how intuitive PieCMS really is."...
    Nicole Grigorov - Canadian Clothing Exchange
  • "Don, thank you for your hard work and amazing website that you built for me... The responsive design and the ability to update and ad files from anywhere has helped improve my business and increase my sales"
    Capt. Aldo Nava
  • "I am absolutely impressed with PieCMS. We have been up and running with it for a few weeks and it is the simplest and most efficient tool that I have experienced for a small business like ours to update and maintain our website. I'm looking at deploying another very soon."
    Phil Miller Pres. NIEPlus