"Tons of Bike Gear”? Yeah, though the name pretty much says it all, their website really didn't say too much since Google had changed their algorithms. Google is pretty much now demanding that your website be completely responsive. That simply means it should look appropriate on any device, mobile or otherwise. 

But that wasn't the only problem with the older Tons of Bike Gear website. Another problem was that it wasn't really providing much of an experience to the visitor. Since the website was not content manageable it rarely had up-to-date information. The PieCMS content management system is so intuitive, that by its mere appearance the Tons of Bike Gear staff can understand how to use it. Now they can update their website as quickly as it would take to send an email to their last webmaster.

Everything from the call-to-action to the way it provides easy-to-use navigation on any device has been rectified. Loading faster than ever, this website can provide an excellent experience for someone who's looking for motorcycle apparel.

If your website is not responsive, then you're probably experiencing the same problem that Tons of Bike Gear was experiencing. We can provide you with a brand-new website that provides an excellent experience for your visitors in a very quick time frame.

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