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What's the 'REAL COST'?

It’s kind of interesting when a new customer calls asking for a quote on a new website because the question can be interpreted so many different ways.

Does the customer want to know only what it costs to launch a site... or do they really need to know: ”What will it cost me to run a website over (four) years?”

If you ask me, I think it’s rarely considered how web technology growth can affect the cost and success of a website. Moreover, I believe that most web designers don’t consider the full cost of the website over the four year span that the average customer actually has that website.

You think I’m off? Let’s see if this rings a bell.

John Doe ”Hello my name is John and I’m looking for a quote on a website”.

Receptionist“Great, let me connect you to one of our sales staff.”

Joe Sales“Hello! Joe Sales. Can I help you?”

John Doe“Yes, I’m looking for a quote on a website. I just need a basic website for my small business and so I’m looking for a ballpark idea as to how much that might cost.”

Then after Joe has spent about five minutes asking questions about what John needs for his website, he provides a ballpark price of what it will cost.

Joe Sales“John, based on the information you’ve given me, I estimate that developing your website will come to about $2,500 depending on whether or not you want to have content management capability – in which case we would use WordPress. So, you can add another $1,000 if that’s needed.”

Joe mentions nothing about the domain name, monthly hosting, and more importantly – he says absolutely nothing about what the future could present that will affect the cost and success of his website.

So, then... let’s do a little bit of math to help John out. Add the base cost of $2,500 (+ $1,000) to:

Hosting  $75 to $250 per year (which speaks nothing about the dependability or quality of the hosting package)

Domain name  $10 to $30 per year (don’t forget to renew the domain name at the end of the year, because Joe will probably charge you $60 to $70 to get it back for you)

WordPress Security Patches  $150 to $500 per year

Search Engine Optimization  $1,000 to $5,000 per year depending on how and where you want to rank on Google. (Yes, this is very important, since Google represents 87% of the searches done worldwide.)

What Else?  Email, training, technical support, changes to a website that is not content manageable – these are all things that have not even been taken into consideration yet.

Wait... we’re not finished yet! Almost 100% of all website owners will reinvent their websites just for the sake of accommodating a fresher look with up-to-date design trends, at which point, you go back and start that whole process over again. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like insanity to me!

Now, let's look at what would happen if you were to call

John Doe – ”Hello my name is John and I’m looking for a quote on a website."

Receptionist – “Great, let me connect you to one of our Intelligent Designers.”

Don Wiki – “Hello! Don Wiki, here. Can I help you?”

John Doe – “Yes, I’m looking for a quote on a website. I just need a basic website for my small business and so I’m looking for a ballpark idea as to how much that might cost.”

Don Wiki – “Sure, John! At we specialize in assisting small to medium size businesses in creating the online success they are looking for. So, you called the right place.

We have a simple and powerful tool – our PieCMS Control Panel. It's a content management system that allows you to update your content. It is so intuitive that the mere appearance communicates how to use it. Easy as Pie.

Also, we design websites that are responsive – meaning you don’t have to worry about the device that the website is being viewed on. Whether it’s a phone, a laptop or desktop computer your website always looks right.

The best part? Our Control Panel is so easy to use you can manage changes yourself. That means you'll be spending less time managing your website and more time focusing on your business.”

John Doe – ”Okay wait a minute... this sounds expensive.”

Don Wiki – “Not at all John! The package you would need is only $25 per month, but it is an all-inclusive package, which includes all of the tools, training, domain name, security updates, software improvements and more. There is a setup fee of course for the initial design, but it is only $2,500 plus HST. The best part is every design that comes out of is designed and aimed at the ideal personality profile inside your target market. Over four years, your website will only cost you $4380 not including taxes and you would have everything you need.”

John Doe – ”But, what about Search Engine Optimization. I need to rank well on Google if I want to make money.”

Don Wiki – “Not to worry John, tools for that are built right in to our PieCMS Control Panel. It even gives you the ability to measure yourself against your online competitor.”

John Doe – ”Wow, you make this sound really easy, but I’m really not a computer guy when it comes right down to it.”

Don Wiki – “John, you don't have to be a techie. Our content management system is super intuitive and we provide all the training and technical support you’ll need. We even monitor how you’re doing with our system, so that we can improve the system and increase usability.

Plus... the PieCMS Control Panel is an Evolving Technology Platform, but don’t worry about the fancy term. It just means we are working continuously to improve our system. In fact our system grows by about 400 lines of code per week. Moreover, every improvement we make is based on the research and observation we do daily to improve the system for usability. Put it this way John, if you can handle an email, then you can handle our Control Panel.”

John Doe – ”Training, eh?” 

Don Wiki – “That’s right, John. Before we hand over the newly developed website to the customer we provide training. One of our training staff would book an appointment with you prior to the launch and provide you with an elaborate overview of our entire system. But it doesn’t stop there. Every month, Don Cormier, President and visionary of the PieCMS system runs a number of FREE online tricks and training seminars, which only our customers get to attend. In these seminars Don shows our customers how to get the most out of our system and increase the success of their online presence.”

John Doe – ”Okay, sounds good! Let’s get started right away!”

Don Wiki – “Absolutely!”

Quite a bit of difference, isn’t there?

With, you get one system, no hidden or forgotten fees, simple and easy to move forward.

In short it’s sophisticated but not complicated because it's as easy as Pie - PieCMS!


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