Overview of Services

Doncor.com is not just, a website design company. We are innovators and pioneers of technology. That's why we have PieCMS. Launched in 2006, our PieCMS technology has been providing my customers with a powerful and intuitive content management system, so simple to use, they're doing it on their smartphones, using only their thumb. See? - Not just web designers – we're innovators of technology, award-winning graphic arts designers, inventors of the worlds first multi site content management system. Sure were pioneers, and we're proud of it, because we're still way ahead of our competition.

So, if you're looking for some corporate branding? We can help. Do you want an app? We can do that. You want a website? We can do that too. You want something bigger? Ah - now you're thinking like me.

Website Design

For most website visitors, your website will be their very first impression of your organization. Think about that for a moment; like yourself, Internet users attach a certain amount of credibility to that first impression. They rely on first impressions to determine if they feel good about your organization. Ultimately, they use it to decide whether or not to stay.

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App Development

Creative iOS/Android Mobile App Design & Development that put your business way ahead of the competition. The iPhone/Android Apps industry is booming with hundreds and thousands of apps being developed every year. Doncor.com has the professional expertise necessary to build the quality and security that both you and your app users need.

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Web Applications

Since 1999 we've developed dozens of web applications supporting revenues in the millions of dollars. Our services include cross-device deployment and end-to-end customization, along with live analytics, geotagging, API support, and debugging. At Doncor.com, we develop reliable iOS/Android apps complete with multi-platform compatibility, UI/UX design.

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Graphic Arts

Doncor.com offers a complete list of design services. In fact, our offices are where inspiration and creativity become contagious. We've designed everything from vehicle wraps to posters and business cards. Our accomplished graphic artists will take time during the discovery process of to understand your organizations desired outcome and reach your goals.

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