Introducing the Next Big AI Move

Posted Feb 29th, 2024 in Inspiration

By Don Cormier, President of Inc.

2006 and 4 years ahead of WordPress, I embarked on a journey to simplify the digital world for creators and businesses alike. My invention, PieCMS, emerged as the world's first multisite content management system (CMS), a pioneer in the space, even before WordPress introduced multisite capabilities. This intuitive system revolutionized how users manage content online, making complex tasks effortless and quick.

PieCMS was built on the principle of being sophisticated without being complicated. It transformed the digital landscape by enabling tasks that typically took experts considerable time into something users could accomplish in minutes. Our system's design intuitiveness means that new users grasp its functionalities at first glance, a testament to its user-friendly nature.

I am so thrilled to Announce

However, the digital evolution never pauses, and neither do we at Inc. With artificial intelligence (AI) reshaping every facet of the website design industry, we recognized an opportunity to leap into the future. Thus, I am thrilled to announce the next generation of PieCMS, a transformative upgrade integrating AI content and image generation directly within the CMS interface.

This integration marks a significant leap forward, not just for PieCMS but for the entire website creation process. Our users will now enjoy the benefits of AI-driven content creation and image generation, making the development of rich, engaging, and visually stunning websites even more accessible.

Moreover, we've developed new components within PieCMS that empower and our network of resellers to offer custom designs and launch websites in a fraction of the time it currently takes. These innovations mean search engine optimized, grammatically flawless, and aesthetically pleasing websites can go from concept to live in unprecedented timeframes.

Our dedication to innovation didn't stop there. By analyzing a year's worth of website designs and launches, we've crafted an unlimited array of design possibilities. These incorporate our core design principles and features in any combination, enabling truly customized and fully functional websites to be realized in days, not weeks.

As we move forward, PieCMS will continue to redefine the boundaries of web design and content management. Our vision is clear: to empower our users to imagine and realize their digital aspirations with ease and speed never before possible.

The future of web design is here, and it's powered by PieCMS and Inc. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey into the next generation of content management. Together, we will continue to break new ground and set new standards in the digital world.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of this revolutionary journey.

Don Cormier
President, Inc.