WordPress Stress Epidemic?
We've got an App for that.

Prior to coming to Doncor.com for a website solution many of our customers we're spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars to update content on their websites. Sure they had access to a Control Panel, but it was so complicated that they often felt powerless to manage the website and as a result were forced to pay additional fees for simple updates. Well, we've got an app for that and it's built right into the control panel, but that's just the beginning. Managing content, files, testimonials, products and any aspect of your website, has never been easier. Even WordPress experts find it impossible to accomplish in 45 minutes what our customers accomplish in under five. Want to add a video? Go ahead, there's nothing stopping you when you have this kind of control.


Extend apps to any page


Add webpages with content in less than five minutes.


Manage your SEO and Google placement like a pro.


Shopping carts? eCommerce has never been this easy.


The most intuitive blogging app ever created.


Incredible for e-mail marketing to your subscribers.


Incredible for portfolios, products, services etc.


The most dynamic online presentations possible.

Photo Albums

Simple management for your online photo albums.


Perfect for events, Special occasions and bookings.


Give your visitors confidence the fast and easy way.

Ad Agent

Great for generating additional revenues with statistics.


Add/Remove/Delegate responsibilities to other users.


Learning all of our Pie Apps the easy way.

File Manager

File management has never been this easy.

News Room

A simple and easy way to manage press releases.