​Website Design & Credibility

Posted Jan 21st, 2022 in Learn About Website Design

According to research, more than half of your visitors will judge the credibility of your website based on it's design and more importantly, it takes less than 40 milliseconds for the average  internet user to make a decision about your website. That's less then 1 second... so you really don't have as much time to get their attention as you would think.

The most common mistake made by first time website owners is that they don’t realize the impact a website’s design will have on their potential customers.

A website designed poorly can leave your potential customers with a bad impression and turn them away. Yet, if designed to attract the target market correctly, the website’s design can not only attract them, but influence them to become your customer. Stanford University’s Web Credibility Research states that “success of most websites hinges on credibility.” So it is important to understand that your presentation can increase your credibility in the eyes of your customer.

Imagine your lawyer  showing up to court wearing cut off shorts and an old t-shirt. Will it help your case when the judge sees him. Your credibility is directly connected to your lawyer's in the same way that your website credibility is connected to your business.

Measuring Online Success

Online success can be measured by achieving a specific goal that will increase your bottom line. Healthy website goals are anything that triggers your visitors to take actions such as:

  • Online sign-ups or registrations
  • Online purchases
  • Filling out a survey
  • Advertising click through
  • Contribute content to your site
  • Download available software
  • Bookmark your site and return often 

Ready to take aim add an affective target market profile?

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