Surviving A Post Pandemic Economy

Posted Jul 28th, 2022 in Learn About Marketing

Surviving a post pandemic economyWe are all living in a post pandemic economy. The global outbreak of the coronavirus has forced businesses and individuals alike to reckon with a future in which traditional economic models may no longer be viable. In this uncertain landscape, it is more important than ever to invest in website design that can help your business thrive.

During the COVID-19 pandemic a multitude was forced to worked at home on their computers, some over the course of the entire pandemic. As a result became more familiar with how things work on the Internet. They learned how to communicate and collaborate with coworkers despite being in different locations, what tools and applications help them to be more productive. They also became better at managing their time, as they had to be self-sufficient and work without direct supervision. This entire experience has in fact made them wiser, and according to a 2020 article in Forbes; it's made them a heck of a lot pickier when it comes to their visitor satisfaction.

Pia Silva, a former contributor at Forbes, and one of my favourite TEDx speakers; suggests that brochure websites just won't cut it anymore. They're static, boring, and don't engage visitors. Websites with Interactive components have been proven to keep visitors engaged with your company, products or services. Interactive features can include things like video, slideshows, quizzes, or surveys. With a more interactive website, keeping your customer engaged involves their input, and we all know how we like to be in control – right?

Some of the ways that interactive components on a website keep website visitors engaged and interested can be through providing polls, or other engaging activities or some good old fashion fun and games. The key is to make it not time-consuming – rather engaging. This can help to keep the visitor's attention on the website and prevent them from becoming bored or distracted. Additionally, interactive websites can be more visually appealing and engaging than those without any interactivity. By providing an enjoyable and visually stimulating experience, a website can keep visitors engaged much longer, and increase your customer base.

Here are some interactive ideas

Video is interactive

Sure, text-based content is good, but video is one of the most powerful interactive components you can have on your website. Here's 2 ideas:

  • Embedding YouTube video into your blog post forces Google's algorithms to index not only the page into their search results, but now the video Will also show up in the search results on Google. And make sure to include a link to your website in your video description on when uploading to YouTube.
  • Add call to action buttons directly in your video that send people to your site's product or service.

Visuals are interactive

This might be painful, but it's the truth; people judge a book by its cover. You yourself have done Google searches in the past where you click one of your Google search results, it brings you to the website, and within less than a couple of seconds, you've already clicked the back button. Why? Because the design of the website communicated to you that this isn't the right result you wanted. The bottom line is the visuals, the graphics, the colours, the typography and even the design itself can have powerful influences over your visitor when it's done right. If your web designer doesn't understand that, fire him and get another one.

Information Resources

Webinars, Infographics, downloadable guides and templates are all great ways to educate your audience. I recently attended a webinar for a product that I was only considering. They offered a webinar and the webinar gave me the exact information I needed. As a result, I signed up for a monthly subscription of their product. It was a simple as that. The more information you give them in a way that they can receive, the more likely they are to do exactly what I did.


I cannot express this enough; Blog, blog, blog! Spoiler alert; without fresh content, your website is going to move further down in Google ranking and into oblivion. You can only maintain a strong position by maintaining strong practices. Fresh engaging, and relevant content is always going to be king on Google. Write a blog, copy the link and paste it into all of your social media outlets. If you don't have the time, hire somebody or find someone who does. It's a discipline that is well worth the reward.

Of course these are only a few thoughts that I put together for the purpose of this blog, but every industry provides opportunity for a creative interactive website experience. 

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